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Let's Get Together 2011

SLYC COMMODORES BALL Saturday 19th March

The evening started with sparkling wine & appetizers on the beach and after a while we all went upstairs to enjoy the dinner that was prepared by volunteers & staff. Many danced the night away as you can see in the pictures album.

A big Thank You to Monique (our temporary manager), Jannell, Juliana, Ricard & Genevieve (our wonderful staff), Lily (appetizers & dessert) Stephanie & Raina (for helping serving), Duncan (who managed the bar downstairs and who kept on carrying stuff up and down the stairs), Kennedy (the DJ who played the perfect music to create the perfect atmosphere) and all the others that helped out.

Also a big Thank You to all people that joined us and made the evening successful.

Last but not least, we really appreciate the donations for the Youth Sailing Programme.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and that you will be joining next time as well. (We’re planning already!)

Danielle (SLYC Social Secretary)



Every Sunday we serve a special meal!

Catering possible for special events.



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Halloween 2010

SLOC Olympic Day 2010


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CAROLS AFLOAT 2009 Christmas Flotilla


“It is Christmas in the Heart that puts Christmas in the air” (W.T. Ellis)


What a way to some up the inaugural Carols Afloat. I don’t think any one of the people who participated would be able to argue with that.

On Tuesday the 22nd December a total of 13 uniquely decorated boats and 2 IGY RBM boats participated in what was hopefully the 1st of many Carols Afloat Christmas events. Certainly from this writers view point the event was a tremendous success! The boats that participated brought the joy that is Christmas spirit from their hearts and souls to many boats around the Rodney Bay Area.

On Tuesday afternoon, if you happened to be passing the IGY Rodney Bay Marina around 4.30pm a great many preparations could be seen, be it large inflatable Santa’s (palm tree included)(thanks to Hullabaloo) or as many large decorative flags as could possibly be acquired from various sources!

At precisely 5.30 (Caribbean time) all of the 15 boats participating met outside the entrance to the Rodney Bay Marina, craft participating ranged in size and shape from the lead boat “Hullabaloo” through various sizes of yachts (some of which had only just arrived on island through the ARC event last month) down to the St Lucia Yacht Clubs crew on board “Lucia” an Impulse 21 keelboat.

Come 6pm the whole graceful procession set of with our in house DJ pipeing an eclectic mix of traditional carols with a few carib vibes mixed in for good measure.

No sooner had we set off than disaster struck! One of the many Christmas torches on “Lucia” died so we had to improvise; with our extensive instructor background prepared for every event a spare mag-light was brought forth and held up the show for us. Oh and a few more unfortunate of us hit bottom near pigeon island.

After these few teething problems the rest of the tour went extremely well with most getting into the Christmas spirit by singing joyous melody’s, at least this was the case on “Lucia” as we couldn’t hear much over the noise of our outboard motor!

With a cool beer in sight the flotilla headed back from the terrors of the open seas into the “Well Lit” inlet for a fly by on the Edge restaurant and the end of the parade.

After tying up all crews converged on H20 restaurant and bar for the Prize giving and free beer courtesy of Heineken brewery.  Prizes were given to the best decorated, most improvised, best crew uniform as well as a whole host of others! All prizes were donated by local companies, amongst which featured “Fire Grill”, “Delirious”, “The Edge” , “Columbian Emeralds”, “Café Ole”, “Rain Forest Sky Rides” , “Steel Pan Band Harmonites”, “Spinnakers”, etc.

In all an extremely enjoyable evening was had by all and if you are to talk to anybody who participated I’m sure you’d receive many a tall tale of the high seas, possibly even a few about the joy brought to all through the wonder of Christmas and all who participated.

Special thanks goes to : -

IGY Rodney Bay Marina (free birth for the night for the participating boats & DJ Mickey), St Lucia Yacht Club, All sponsors and the boats – “Hullabaloo”, “Lucia”, “Catar”, “Kaiso”, “Gizmo”, “Nomad”, “One Time”, “Boldly Go”, “Reel Extreme”, “Twice Eleven”, “Guiding Light”, “Fair Encounter”, “Endless Summer” and both IGY boats that participated. I’m sure that next year the fun will continue and for many years to come.

Submitted by Callum (Sailing Instructor SLYC)

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Beach Lunch BBQ 2009

Xmas  2009

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New Years Eve 31st December 2009


“World ARC welcomes in 2010 with a Bang! (News article from World Cruising Club Website)

World ARC 2010-11 participants enjoyed a fantastic New Year’s Eve party at the St Lucia Yacht Club last night. With a complimentary barbecue and drinks, and free bubbly at midnight, the New Year was welcomed in with style.

St Lucia Yacht Club, located near the entrance to Rodney Bay on the warm sands of Redruit Beach, provided the perfect viewing platform for the spectacular fireworks display, which illuminated the bay to loud cheers from the revelling crowds beneath.

World ARC participants took no time in joining in with the local crowds in their New Year’s Celebrations, with the street parties carrying on into the small hours. Even with a week still to go before setting sail, it seems the World ARC 2010-11 has already socially become a success!

Many participants have chosen an adrenaline-packed way of getting rid of their New Year’s hangovers today – on the Tree Top Canopy Adventure Tour. Heading into the rain forest of St Lucia’s eastern coast, adventurers zip through the air on 11 different lines between the trees at up to 50ft above the forest floor – rapidly cleansing their heads of any over-indulgence from last night!”